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Happy New Year All.

Despite my best intentions I’m not very good at keeping a blog. In all fairness, it was December, the season of holidays. I went home to NY to stay with my family. I had a truly wonderful time, and came back to school with some grumbling. That said, I’m having a fairly good time now that I’m back. I have a heavy class schedule, and work on top of that. I’m hoping I will be forced to organize and budget my time, because sometimes I really need help with that.

On the jewelry front, things have been a bit slow. I can’t honestly say I enjoy spending a lot of time on the computer, but as a web-based business my personal preferences have to be overlooked. Except they aren’t, and I’ve been slacking on the web front. I’m hoping to come back alive and kicking this year, and really get myself into gear.


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