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Yep, finally had to unload my camera, and I’m actually much happier with what I’ve got than I expected. My chances to take photos at the market were aways rushed, so I thought I’d sold a lot of pieces that I’d never see again. Turns out I have some pictures! These here are my mushies, I love them very much. I don’t really expect to sell them, they’re easily the most expensive and strangest piece I have displayed, but I like to show them anyway and see and hear people’s reactions.

Tomorrow morning my brother and I are off to Falcon Ridge for a weekend of fun and adventure! I’m taking some jewelry and supplies with me to keep me busy in the blistering heat of the afternoon, but next year I’m hoping to vend there legitimately! My new pavilion (the brilliant one) is coming with us, so we’ll have some shade and a really sweet campsite! We’re called The Hip Ship:) When my brother and younger cousin were about 13 they made a raft and named it the Hip Ship, with a little peace sign flag and everything. So we’ve designed our campsite in memory of. We’re also doing a Free Hug campaign at the Ridge, which my mom is less than thrilled about, but we’re all excited for!

I’m stressing big time about Musefest because I’m not ready! It’s all I can do to keep myself stocked for the Market, but Musefest falls on the first week of school, the weekend between two Markets and the same week I’m moving into my new apartment! I’m bugging out! I just placed two giant orders yesterday, one with Fire Mountain the other with Lotta Displays and they should be here next week. Then it’s just production production production, not to mention figuring out how to use the lanterns and sidewalls I just ordered!


In any case, the bead store is still wonderful, so far this summer I’m almost making profit with my jewelry, and I’m having a load of fun! As you can see I don’t know a ton about formating these pictures (I only just found out you could upload directly!) and I’m just going to leave you with one more of a section of my booth. Perhaps I’ll post more later:)

Peace and love!

Hip Ship Crew Mom


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The Neeeeeews

Alrighty, an update! Tomorrow, pictures! (I’m not sure where my cord’s gotten off to.)

The farmers market was yesterday. It rocked pretty hard. The first two hours were sheer misery, and then suddenly there were so many people they were bumping into each other. Just had to wait it out I guess. I got the guts up to invest in a decent tent and let me tell you that made all the difference. I got the EZ Up Express II. Anyone looking to invest in a pavilion this is THE one. I love it, and will post pictures soon.

I’m thrilled because all the new designs I’m trying out are selling like mad. The only down side is I don’t think I’ve got pictures of half of them, and don’t know how the pictures I did get will turn out! Here’s hoping I have something to shop for myself!

I’m exhausted, just home from the Dunkin’ (I only wanted to cry twice tonight, which is a record) and Harry Potter 7 is waiting for me in my warm snuggly bed:)

Peace out folks!


I’m looking for a housemate, so if you know anyone looking for a home in New Paltz, I’ve got one! $333 a month!

Additionally, anyone coming to Falcon Ridge best be stopping by The Hip Ship, located in the Lower Pasture, to make signs and t-shirts and participate in our Free Hugs campaign. We’ve also got free veggies compliments of my mother:)

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This post is entirely unprofessional, and I’m aware of that. I tried really hard to only complain to my mom about this, but the poor woman’s asleep right now, and she deserves a break anyway. I need to rant.

So, as if I wasn’t already stretching myself a bit thin, the boss lady at Dunkin’ is taking next week off. Which means that every day is going to be like Sunday, which means that for any self-respecting worker (there are only a few of us) there are hours and hours of too much work ahead trying to keep the place from crumbling down around our ears which will be filled with the whines and sighs of lazy teenagers who’re only having a hard time because they won’t lift a finger to do anything they aren’t explicitly ordered to do.

I work at what must be the single most poorly run Dunkin’ Donuts in the country, and as one of those poor souls who still believes in the value of work and cleanliness, I spend a lot of time cleaning up after people and resisting the urge to tear my hair out.

Last night I came home in tears. From Dunkin’ Donuts. That shouldn’t happen. They left me on my own to close with a kid who’s only working night shift because the manager doesn’t want to deal with him or fire him so she put him on the hours she doesn’t work. That means my hours. That means I have to share a building and tips and work with a bitchy kid who can’t get over himself and do a halfway decent job at anything. It isn’t because he doesn’t know how, it’s because he’s a lazy piece of worthless angsty teenager crap who has never worked an honest day in his life. So as I sent him home last night after listening to him promise he’d done everything I needed him to do I looked around and burst into tears realizing that if I wanted the place to look halfway decent before I left I would literally have to redo everything I’d asked him to do all evening. The floors were streaked with muddy water, the donut cases were still covered in gobs of frosting and jelly, powdered with a more than fine layer of sugar, and the coffee display was in shambles.

I turned around and walked out. I forgot to punch out, I forgot to lock the drive-thru window.

I hate you Dunkin’ Donuts, more than anything. 13 more shifts and I’ll be done with you. I swear I’m never coming back. I never thought a stupid job would make me feel so shitty.

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Today was wonderful

Today was the first ’07 farmers market, and maybe 070707 is a lucky day, maybe not, but it was a PHENOMENAL day for me. I paid off my loan today, in one fell swoop! That’s amazing. Anyhow, I’m feeling really great about it, and people bought a lot of things I didn’t think they would, both for reasons of price and uniqueness. It was wonderful! People who bought from me last year complimented me many times on the maturity and growth they saw in my work, presentation and manner, and there were times when people actually had to stand in line to see my tables! And they waited, just to see my work! I even had a man show up before I was set up and demand to buy one of my more expensive pieces because he was certain someone else would get it in the ten minutes it would have taken for the market to officially open. I’m thrilled, flying high! All my guilty pleasure pieces I’ve been making at the bead store (the ones you have to price really high because you pay retail for the components you’ve “just gotta use”) sold, no arguments! Photos tomorrow, sleep now! (I know I keep promising photos, but I think I really have some this time.

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I had an overwhelmingly busy, glorious day at the bead store. I love love love love it. I’m also really incredibly excited for the farmers’ market. I ALSO promise to post pictures soon. I swear.

I love being single, I love being busy, and I LOVE making jewelry and friends! I love spending time with my family, which I finally have time to do.

I hope everyone is doing well. I’m sorry this has been so insubstantial lately, but I wanted you to know I’m happy!

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