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Good fun…

I snagged this from Wordle, as seen on Ask The Bellwether, and thought it was pretty funny and merited sharing, since I don’t have a post ready for this weekend (shh don’t tell). I urge those of you with blogs to try it out! Personally I think that it’s a pretty accurate description of my blog content, and surprisingly, of my life. Except right now it should say DUNKIN DONUTS in huge letters over everything….


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Yes, so I realize that I’ve been mentioning this from time to time for several months now, but never formally introduced the big news!
ETA: Actually, I just read back through my posts and it looks like I never really did mention this, even though it’s been consuming my life.

I will be studying abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina from the end of February through the end of July. It’s an interruption from my regular course of study, but I’m going to take the opportunity to complete some credits towards a Spanish minor, as all of my courses will be taught in Spanish while I’m there. This is a wonderful (albeit terrifying) opportunity for me and I have to admit I’m freaked out. This is definitely bigger than anything I have ever done in my life!

Because I’m going to be away during the festival season, I am having a sale right now in order to give people a chance to do any shopping they might have wanted to do over the summer. From now until February 15th I will take 20% off of any order of two items or more, and shipping is free for all purchases! 11:59 on February 15th I will close my shop in order to prepare for my departure on 2/20.

This is a sneak peak, before I completely finish my uploads, and send out an e-mail to my mailing list, so if you see something you like you may want to snap it up now, because I won’t be making more until next fall, and when I run out I run out!

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Rav It

Since the first day I saw this pattern I KNEW I had to knit it. At least once.

It was originally part of the Christmas plan, but it was set aside for more immediate gifts. Instead it will be a gift for my homestay in Argentina (oh yes, we still need to discuss this, don’t we?)

Jared Flood’s Hemlock Ring is simply irresistible. Just look at the numbers! 2218?! Baaah. I’m proud to follow the flock on this one. It has been a joy to knit, so much in fact that when I cast on Christmas night (after 3 months of Christmas knitting, I was so excited to do something that wasn’t on a list) I knit the first two thirds of it in about a week, which wreaked havoc on my right arm. I’m finally picking it back up again and slowly working my way through the last 9 rounds (440+ stitches a piece) and then I’ll have to block it. I’ve never blocked something like this, so it’ll definitely be a learning experience!

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I am WAY LATE making this post, but it’s still January, so here goes!

I wanted to share a little bit of what took over my life for the last three months of 2008. Sometimes I go a little crazy with plans…this year it was Christmas knitting. I convinced myself I was planning so far ahead, starting in September, it would be no trouble getting through my list. Never mind that I was full on into sale season and driving every which way across the state in the middle of a hectic semester while still balancing a part time job. Never mind that I need to sleep at night. Or that I planned to knit my brother an entire sweater in the month of November, or that I decided to do it from calculations rather than a pattern. Never mind that finals were the week before Christmas, and I’m trying to get the paperwork done for a study abroad (more on that later.)

No, I was determined. What happens when I’m determined to get something done? I usually do, for better or worse. This year was no exception (well, except the two projects I didn’t get done, but they were sort of “if I have time” projects anyway.)

Here’s the damage:

1. Manly Lace for Jamie II, 2. Mom’s Porphyria, 3. Justin’s Gloves, 4. Jordan’s Sweater, 5. Joe’s Turn a Square, 6. Amanda’s Halley’s Comet, 7. Joanne’s Fellow Knitter Goodybag, 8. Dan’s Turn a Square, 9. Helena’s Modified Fetchings, 10. Dad’s Thuja

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My Little Hater

Hidden in one of her latest posts, Oh, The Joys linked to a video by this dude. It wasn’t the video above, but it lead to the video above.

I really needed the video above. I’m pretty down on my blog, because I don’t have the time and energy to take pretty photos and post clever posts all the time. I’m not eloquent, and I’m not particularly witty. I work a lot, and lately my little hater has been prevalent in all areas of my life, not just my internet productivity.

I feel like I owe you all (Hi BetteJo!) more than the monthly list of excuses I post up here. Some content would be great. So I’m devoting tonight to catching up on the blogging I’ve been meaning to do and not doing because I felt it was somehow inadequate or not worth the time. The fact of the mater is that I have some big news, and it doesn’t matter how insignificant my daily life is to other people, because I’m not trying to be the Yarn Harlot, and I’m certainly no Dooce, but I do like to keep track of what happens in my life, and this is my little space to do it.

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Late and Brief

Happy New Years!

I’m going to keep this really short for now, because I can’t say all I want to say, and I’m having a wicked tendinitis flair-up and the computer makes it a lot worse. My hand has been tingling for about 24 hours now and my arm feels like hell.

Good news first: My resolution last year (privately, I don’t know if I made it public) was to become utterly hooked on the gym. It worked, I am. I even just bought myself some weights for the house when I realized that my work schedule might conflict with the gym hours over break. Here’s hoping I can keep this trend going.

I did not complete the 50 book challenge this year. I read about 40, and have several half-read. I think that the challenge has served its purpose, and I’ll just continue reading and keeping track on my own. It was a great motivation to get me back into my old reading habits, though! I will share the last 8 or so books I read at some later date.

In lieu of a reading challenge, this year I’ve decided to take on a knitting challenge:

12 adult sized tops in 12 months. This is the reason I’m roaring mad about my elbow being buggered up. Nothing to do but go easy on it…

Anyhow, off the computer for now, hopefully more later as my arm improves.

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