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Right, so this is old news but my BFF Amanda took all the photos this summer of all the events we did, and due to hurricanes and mad amounts of work in her new home in NOLA she’s not been able to share them with me, until now! So instead of writing about what I’ve been up to lately I thought I’d finally share with you some of what I did this summer, in storyboard format!

GRASSROOTS Festival of Music and Dance, Trumansburg, NY

Grassroots was a blast, late nights, great music, lots of support:

(you’ll be happy to know I still had to pay him!)

There were periodic rainstorms throughout the weekend, but thanks to my good friends Paul and Maria of Asia Luna I had an extra roof on my tent which meant we stayed dry:

These girls did not:

Coming home we found a giant turtle, and had to stop and take photos (obviously!):

FALCON RIDGE FOLK Festival of Music and Dance, Hillsdale, NY

Although Falcon Ridge began with much rain, the majority of the weekend was nice and sunny:

Until it wasn’t!
The sky was ominous! This is the last we saw before we zipped up and buckled down (and then it proceeded to pelt us with quarter-sized hail and huge gusts of wind):

We held on tight (this funny photo really doesn’t convey the violence of the wind, because we didn’t have time to take photos when we were all hanging on for dear life!):

And despite some serious flooding (and seriously white thighs, sorry):

We managed to to escape yet again without a leak from the top!:

Others were not so fortunate:

For some it was no matter. This is sort of how I was feeling, even though everyone expected me to be really upset:

It was an eventful summer,
and I have to thank Amanda again for taking so many photos, for all the hours spent working on tedious tasks (like tying bows and gluing boxes) and for always being there for me when I was stressing out, or when I was overjoyed.


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It’s 95 degree and humid here, a rare, disgusting occasion, and I only lasted an hour and a half picking berries today!

I finally, finally finished the dreadlock sleeve I was making for a lovely guy named Jared. It turned out to be much more extravagant than planned, and the poor guy had to wait a while. He’s been very sweet about it though, and I think the piece I sent will be well worth the time! Of course, in my excitement I mailed it out without taking a picture. I also mailed out a bunch of books for the BookSwap community I’m part of on Livejournal.com, and some little bundles of beads to my friend Amanda.

Speaking of Amanda, I have a plan. First, back story.

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That would be Amanda in purple, laughing at me:)

So, this girl is absolutely the most wonderful young woman I have ever met. She’s the best friend one could imagine. She tells you if your jeans make your butt look fat, and she’s always up for a long, rambling conversation (which I love). Aside from that though, Amanda gives more of herself to the world that anyone I’ve ever met. She’s an avid fighter for the rights of the homeless and she devotes much of her time to Habitat for Humanity. Despite it all she remains completely down to earth and welcoming, never looking down at those of us who (cough) don’t spend our time as generously. Here’s the thing. Amanda had plans for the summer, to work and save for school, mostly. However, upon arriving home from a Habitat build in Hungary, she found her grandfather was in a state of immobility, and unable to care for himself. Amanda has dropped everything to spend her summer secluded in the house in the mountains where her grandfather lives, without a car or Internet, and certainly no job.

Here’s the thing. I want to give Amanda a weekend away, a chance to relax and have some fun this summer. We’re young, after all, and summer is still important to us. My plan is to drive up and get her the third weekend in July, and bring her home to my house so we can go to Falcon Ridge Folk Fest. The problem is that tickets are expensive. So my plan is this. 50% of whatever I sell on Etsy in the next month will be going to the “Help Amanda Have Some Fun” fund, and I’m putting some of her jewelry in my booth at the next few farmer’s markets!

There you have it folks! If you’d like to help this girly out check out my Etsy Shop. and see if anything catches your eye, or stop by (if you’re local) the Hillsdale Farmers’ Market on either July 7th or 21st!

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