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…was spent in Cabo Polonio, Uruguay, population 80 people, 90 diseased dogs, and thousands of fleas.

Above is a photo of our shack, and us waiting outside in the rain for the monster truck to come carry us away. (Little did we know that there wouldn’t be another bus out for six and a half hours.)

(My bedroom)

(The shower…also the bathroom)

Cabo Polonio is first and foremost a beach town, and seeing as it was pretty much raining for the entire time, there wasn’t much to do once we had visited the 6 little vendor stands and climbed the lighthouse (which is not called “casa de luz”, just so you know for future reference). Below you’ll find a view of the entire town…

We spent the better part of the trip sitting in the one open restaurant drinking wine and watching the waves and the rain. Really that’s about all we did in the 18 hours we were there. The people (all three of them) in the restaurant were very nice, and we practiced lots of Spanish, sang some songs, and ate a couple meals there. The waiter even brought me some flan with a candle in it!

Somehow we slept in the icky beds in the icky house (it helped that there was no electricity so we could not see where we were sleeping) and the following morning (my real birthday) we woke up to a drippy roof, and that brings us back to the first photo of this post. We caught the monster truck (here’s a shot of ours from when we first arrived) intending to catch the bus that should have come at 8:40am.

We got the the bus stop, it was pouring rain by then, and waited for a bit. No bus. Nikki and Alison went to ask when the bus would be coming and discovered that since it was raining there would only be one bus…at 3pm…
They asked to use the phone to call a cab to get us into a town. No minutes left on the phone…So they asked to buy a phone card from the little stand next door…”The kiosco won’t be opening today because it’s raining…”
Not taking no for an answer, but ready to kill someone, Alison found an old man to drive us into town in the back of his truck for UY$400 pesos. They assured us there would be more buses leaving from the terminal there in Castillos. Turns out the bus didn’t leave there until 2:45…the same bus we would have caught. Fine, we say, we’re in a town at least! Turns out Castillos has the highest suicide rate in Uruguay, because there’s nothing to do there…

Anyhow, we eventually made our way back to Montevideo, hooked up with the rest of our travel group and some new friends found in Punta del Diablo, and the new friends took us out for a fabulous Asado! It was a grand old party and we went out later and they sang me happy birthday in 6 languages!

Back to our familiar and comfortable hostel for the evening, and then we caught the Buquebus ferry home in the AM. Can you see how happy we are to be going home? It was a great trip, and I’d do it all again, but it certainly got a bit tense at times! For 9 people to head of on an adventure like that when half had only known one another for 24 hours is pretty crazy, but the fact that we all came home fabulous friends is a gift!


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Back to civilization

With classes starting Monday I moved into my new housing Friday evening. I sort of knew what I was getting myself into….sort of. No internet, old house, eclectic landlord. Right. My family works hard to “tread lightly” as they say, but this is a whole new experience for me. I can’t imagine coming into this house from a family even less eco-conscious than mine, because it’s been a culture shock for me as it is! It isn’t helped by the fact that the libraries (both the local and the university) are all closed this weekend, as is the studio (though that was supposed to be open, so what gives?) I did escape from the surreality for a short time last night when I went out to dinner with an old roommate. I’ve managed to rationalize myself into some sort of calm, but I’m telling you, this is going to be the strangest semester yet!

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The Neeeeeews

Alrighty, an update! Tomorrow, pictures! (I’m not sure where my cord’s gotten off to.)

The farmers market was yesterday. It rocked pretty hard. The first two hours were sheer misery, and then suddenly there were so many people they were bumping into each other. Just had to wait it out I guess. I got the guts up to invest in a decent tent and let me tell you that made all the difference. I got the EZ Up Express II. Anyone looking to invest in a pavilion this is THE one. I love it, and will post pictures soon.

I’m thrilled because all the new designs I’m trying out are selling like mad. The only down side is I don’t think I’ve got pictures of half of them, and don’t know how the pictures I did get will turn out! Here’s hoping I have something to shop for myself!

I’m exhausted, just home from the Dunkin’ (I only wanted to cry twice tonight, which is a record) and Harry Potter 7 is waiting for me in my warm snuggly bed:)

Peace out folks!


I’m looking for a housemate, so if you know anyone looking for a home in New Paltz, I’ve got one! $333 a month!

Additionally, anyone coming to Falcon Ridge best be stopping by The Hip Ship, located in the Lower Pasture, to make signs and t-shirts and participate in our Free Hugs campaign. We’ve also got free veggies compliments of my mother:)

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