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Together Anything is Possible

I made my flatmate laugh today…in Spanish. Through her I am beginning to find faith. Faith in the power of human connections that erase all barriers of language and culture and make all things possible for those who are willing to open their hearts and minds.


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Late but certainly not least!

Congratulations Connecticut!

Hopefully the rest of the states will follow!

p.s. I don’t intend to make this little linky-post thing a habit, but I spent a ton of time in the car this weekend and I have no tape deck so I listened to the news. Cool happenings! I think I’ll listen more often.

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Terrorize me, please.

Yep…I’m finally seeing a Physical Therapist, fondly referred to in my family as Physical Terrorists. My mom, a PT of 25+ years, got me in to see one of her co-workers about my (allegedly chronic) knee pain. Turns out there’s a very good chance that we can get me back on my feet! After more than 6 years of knee pain, weight gain and gym-fear it’s possible that this problem I’ve been told is chronic can be manageable. My therapist is teaching me how to tape my knees, I’ve bought new sneakers (apparently I supinate and they make special sneakers for that…who knew?), and my mom has been working her (painful) magic on my poor muscles that have been pulling my kneecap off course for years. My next appointment is tomorrow afternoon, and I’m excited!

I could be in shape! I could exercise and go hiking again! I could play soccer with my brother out in the yard!

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