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Together Anything is Possible

I made my flatmate laugh today…in Spanish. Through her I am beginning to find faith. Faith in the power of human connections that erase all barriers of language and culture and make all things possible for those who are willing to open their hearts and minds.


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Rav It

Since the first day I saw this pattern I KNEW I had to knit it. At least once.

It was originally part of the Christmas plan, but it was set aside for more immediate gifts. Instead it will be a gift for my homestay in Argentina (oh yes, we still need to discuss this, don’t we?)

Jared Flood’s Hemlock Ring is simply irresistible. Just look at the numbers! 2218?! Baaah. I’m proud to follow the flock on this one. It has been a joy to knit, so much in fact that when I cast on Christmas night (after 3 months of Christmas knitting, I was so excited to do something that wasn’t on a list) I knit the first two thirds of it in about a week, which wreaked havoc on my right arm. I’m finally picking it back up again and slowly working my way through the last 9 rounds (440+ stitches a piece) and then I’ll have to block it. I’ve never blocked something like this, so it’ll definitely be a learning experience!

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True love has found me

I’m thoroughly infatuated with my Sociological and Philosophical Foundations of Education class (even if it is a mouthful). My professor is an exceptional guide, but I think also that as a whole my class is great! Our discussions are inquisitive, thoughtful and intense, and my professor is great about fielding our hard-to-answer questions, making clear distinctions between the times when what she says is fact, and when she’s simply participating in the sharing of opinions. At this point in the semester we’re exploring the struggle of racism and segregation in education. I absolutely LOVE that there is no right answer. I find myself mulling over possibilities, realities, actions and repercussions even outside of class, as I’m falling asleep or eating lunch. I love having the ground yanked out from under me in this way, forcing me to abandon opinions because there’s simply no way to pin one down!

This is why I went to college.

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