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Love it!

Classes have started, and I’m looking at my clothes and thinking “do I really want to ruin all my clothes again?” Every semester I end up wrecking all my favorite outfits in the studio. I always dress all pretty, not planning to do any work that day, then end up at the polishing wheel, or covered in pickle. Always. The answer? A fabulously rugged, very comfortable apron from Utility Canvas in my new home town! I’ve always loved their aprons (they come on loan when you borrow a hammer kit from the school) and it’s high time I bought my own so that I can always keep my clothes nice and in one piece.

Other news! I met my mysterious other house mate yesterday and he is very nice and remarkably sane!
Other, other news. The line to pick up pre-ordered textbooks is still so long that I suspect I won’t be getting mine until the end of the week. I’m not really up for camping out on the floor all day.


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School ended May 15th or so, I stuck around to spend one more day in the studio, then headed home. I didn’t see the final Grad show, or go to the end of the year party, which was kind of a bummer, but not worth staying until the end of the week for. I’m relieved to be home, that’s for sure.

I pulled of some lovely grades, and here’s the run down:
Ceramics: A
Metal Forming: A-
Enameling: A-
Sociological and Philosophical Foundations of Education: A
History of Jazz: A

I’m very pleased with myself, but my pleasure is heightened by the fact that I know for certain that I learned a lot this semester. The past semesters have been a bit of a let-down, but this one was both academically and artistically stimulating. I spent more time than ever in the studios, and my Soc and Phil class was the best course I’ve taken at New Paltz to date. So stimulating, in fact, that it helped me solidify some very important decisions that I’ve been unsure about.

I’ve decided to change my major from a BFA in Metals to a BS in Visual Arts with a Concentration in Metals. This will allow me to balance my academics and arts more evenly, and I feel will help prepare me more adequately for *drumroll* a Masters in Library Sciences. It will also give me the free credits I need in order to get a minor in Spanish. I’m very excited about all of this!

Photos top to bottom: “Flailing Soul” somewhat comical piece done for Forming – copper and sterling silver, “Stumpy” exploration of high temp brazing for Forming – copper, Earrings made last minute before I left for the summer, enamel and copper in a bowl I threw for Ceramics.

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Basically this is my to-do list for the next two weeks, which I’m sharing with you in hopes of justifying the fact that I probably won’t post again any time before mid-May.

In the next two weeks, on top of my regular classes, I have to complete two final projects for my two metals classes (Forming and Enameling). I have to run four Habitat fundraising sales. I have to organize and run the Metals Jewelry Sale (also make jewelry for it), on the same day as one of my Habitat Sales. I have to write a final essay for my education class. I have to study for my History of Jazz final. I have to glaze everything I’ve made in Ceramics in the last month. I have to go shopping for, then make hundreds of bagged lunches for, and then participate in Midnight Run through Habitat for Humanity. I will be spending next weekend with my Habitat group on a retreat. I will be moving out of my apartment the weekend after that. I have to make a Mother’s Day gift for my mom, I have to make a birthday gift for my brother. I have to figure out my work schedule for the summer. I have to finish festival applications and processes for the summer.

I maintain that I am not a negligent blogger just because I’m too busy actually living life to find time to write about it.

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I poured my silver ingot (First try was a success!) and today began the process of hot forging a sundae spoon! It’s thrilling, and supremely hard work! I found it thoroughly therapeutic and I think I’ll be hitting metal more often. I’m going to end up with a ton of silverware, I fear!
By the way, this is what you get when you YouTube search “pouring silver ingots”:

And the moon’s a silver slipper
It’s pouring champagne stars
Broadway’s like a serpent
Pulling shiny top-down cars
-Tom Waits

I think it’s lovely! I think I’m going to be obsessed with Tom Waits…as of now:)

I wish I had some pictures of my ingot (read: first-born child) but alas, I’ve misplaced the cord to my camera and the charge is dead! I have to find it or I’ll be in trouble.

My business cards arrived today, but I won’t get to see them until tomorrow and the suspense is killing me!!! I must distract myself through other means such as finishing my Taoism paper and watching The Office with The Girlies.

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