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East: Weaving Yellow, originally uploaded by Soasa Designs.

Hello y’all!

I’m still alive! Still in South America too:) This post has nothing to do with that though, sorry.

Recently I joined in on a year-long journey called Project Spectrum. You can read a bit about it and see some group photos here! Also more of my photos here! The idea is to incorporate a special focus involving color into your everyday creative practices. This year’s theme is Cardinal Directions, and we are just wrapping up North and it’s associated color, which was green. We are moving into East, and yellow! For that I am excited to announce that I’m taking a weaving class and it begins on Saturday! I’m really thrilled, as weaving is something I’ve wanted to learn for a long time and never found the time or money for. What better time than this? Above is a photo of my new loom, and my first skein of yellow yarn!


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Rav It

Since the first day I saw this pattern I KNEW I had to knit it. At least once.

It was originally part of the Christmas plan, but it was set aside for more immediate gifts. Instead it will be a gift for my homestay in Argentina (oh yes, we still need to discuss this, don’t we?)

Jared Flood’s Hemlock Ring is simply irresistible. Just look at the numbers! 2218?! Baaah. I’m proud to follow the flock on this one. It has been a joy to knit, so much in fact that when I cast on Christmas night (after 3 months of Christmas knitting, I was so excited to do something that wasn’t on a list) I knit the first two thirds of it in about a week, which wreaked havoc on my right arm. I’m finally picking it back up again and slowly working my way through the last 9 rounds (440+ stitches a piece) and then I’ll have to block it. I’ve never blocked something like this, so it’ll definitely be a learning experience!

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I thought about doing this chronologically, but I’m afraid that would turn laundry list preeeeety quickly! Instead I’m going to do my best to let y’all know what I’m up to in segments, beginning with knitting.

Considering how busy I’ve been, a lot has been happening on the knitting front.
I’m still working on my Forecast because upon finishing both sleeves I put off knitting in the button band for a long time knowing that I would run out of yarn. And run out of yarn I did, a mere 4 rows from the finish! A few panicked topics and messages on Ravelry (I’m RobinMarie on there) and a darling named AMP came to my rescue with not 1 but 3 skeins of the discontinued yarn I needed! Enough to make matching mitts or something! Needless to say there will be some jewelry headed out that way!

While Forecast became too large to be a carry-around project I decided it was time to put to use a gorgeous skein of Jitterbug superwash merino that I had bought myself for my birthday. After some disappointment at finding out that the free Berroco sock pattern I wanted to use had only directed me to buy enough yarn for one sock, this yarn sat around in my stash before I pinned it to a pair of Cookie A.’s Monkey socks. They’re coming along swimmingly, though they’re a bit too large for me, and will probably be gifted.

Because I wanted my Monkey sock carry-around project to last a while, and because the beating I took from Forecast wasn’t enough to scare me, I felt no guilt picking up this new sweater project! Valley Yarn’s Olive Branch Yoga Hoodie in Berroco Comfort, colorway Filbert. I have to admit that this Superfine Acrylic/Nylon is incredibly soft and delicious. I LOVE IT. I never thought I’d find and Acrylic I liked ever again, but not only is it wonderfully comfortable (I fell asleep on it one night, needles and all) but it’s machine washable! Yay! The picture doesn’t look like much, but this project is nice and straightforward thus far. I don’t think I’m going to use a zipper, I don’t like zippers. I’ll probably use the toggles I bought for the Forecast.

Finally, I’m currently blocking the poor, neglected project I call Whispy Whimsy. I found the yarn upstairs in the storage room, the pattern is incredibly straightforward, and I’m not crazy about the color. As a result I don’t even remember knitting this piece. I just have to let it dry, sew in some ends, and throw some buttons on it and it’ll be done. Maybe I’ll gift it?

I could say that’s all there is, but I would be lying. I’ve discovered a little group of knitters in my (sort of) area! I went to a meeting on Tuesday, and there was only one other woman there, but she was a blast! I’m very excited to be making new friends. Come knit at the Muddy Cup in Hudson on Tuesday nights! I’m told that after next week we’re meeting at the MC in Catskill, which is a bit of a hike for me…but we’ll see if I can’t car pool. I’ve also purchased a ton of yarn from DBNY in preparation for Christmas projects, and the Hemlock Ring Blanket I’ve been lusting after for ages.

And one last thing! At work the other day I felted and beaded myself a cute little case to hold my DPNs while I’m working on socks! With the sock sticking out it looks like a face with a tongue!

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