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Mom and Me at Casa Rosada

I am a terrible daughter! My mom and Paula (my dad’s cousin) came to visit me during the last week of March, for 8 days! We had an absolute blast, and I’ve been promising (and failing) to post pictures for about three weeks now. Well, today’s the day!! Here you go!

I’ve added all the photos I have to a folder on my Flickr Page so that you can see them!


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Hola Todos! I arrived safe and sound in Bs. As. yesterday. You can’t tell, but the view from the plane is of New Paltz and Newburg! I thought it was pretty funny that we flew over:)

Yesterday was mostly about adjusting…I unpacked in my new home and had some lunch with my host mother, Carmen, and my housemate Nikki. I had no idea there would be another student here, but was relieved to meet her. She arrived only hours before I did, and is a bit more comfortable with city life, and South America. We are becoming fast friends.

Today we went on our first big adventure, tracing our route to UCA so that when we go for orientation tomorrow we have it figured out. The Subte is our main mode of travel, and is very inexpensive. We ride the Green line all the way to Catedral, the government center (you see that in the picture above)and from there we have a bit of a walk to school in Puerto Madero. We are getting a bit more comfortable with the system, and on our trip back we even managed to purchase multi-trip cards (I asked in Spanish and the woman at the counter understood me!!)

After finding UCA we made our way up to San Telmo and found the market. There were vendors selling handcrafted goods, and also there is an indoor market for antiques. It was all very overwhelming! So many interesting things!

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